With the right garage door, you can be confident that your property will have a sleek new look and provide safety for all of its inhabitants. We are happy to help with any type of repair or installation. Give us a call today! Have you found it difficult to find the perfect garage door? Visit our Garage Door showroom in Gilbert where we have an extensive selection available for purchase.

You have a garage door that is old and outdated. It doesn't seal properly, it's noisy when you open or close it, the opener isn’t working right anymore, and your spouse has been nagging for weeks to replace it with something new. We get you! There are plenty of reasons why getting a new one makes sense. But before we go any further let us ask - what do you think about the situation? What does your gut tell you? Is there some hesitation in replacing an old friend who has served faithfully all these years? If so then know this- our team at Cactus Garage Door Repair Gilbert knows how much work goes into installing a garage door from start to finish. And even if we were just looking at price


What is the benefit of a new insulated garage door? 

If your garage door has aged or needs to be replaced, don't just go with the cheapest one. And when buying a new insulated door look for features like these:
- The door panel is high quality vacuum insulated providing R-value up to 11 depending on the thickness of insulation
- The airtight seal around every edge wears beautifully for many years
- In warm climates the door can help save costs by up to 50% (higher than any other exterior wall)
- All foam insulation is batten sealed and covered with an effective vapor barrier outer layer - made using a top quality weather-able vinyl.